We are waiting for you at Pingos del Salado, just a few blocks from downtown Lobos, so you can join any of our horseback rides or take classes in our school...

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Love for horses

At Pingos del Salado we offer you an atmosphere of camaraderie, full of passion for what we do.

Maybe you are looking to learn how to ride. Or, you need to improve your skills to compete in some equine activity. Or you want to take a simple horseback ride or go on a journey... At Pingos we have options for all those who want to immerse themselves in this fascinating world, while learning about the local customs and traditions that surround these beautiful animals. Pingos tenemos opciones para todos los que se quieran sumergir en este fascinante mundo, conociendo además las costumbres y tradiciones criollas que rodean a estos hermosos animales.

Pingos del Salado

Love for horses

Pingos de Salados

Horseback Rides

Come and do anything from a simple one-hour ride to a two-day trip, we will be with you every step of the way so that you can just enjoy the experience. 

Our horseback rides are for those who want to enjoy the beautiful rural landscapes of our town, riding well-cared and respected horses, which return all that affection in every step they take. Always in an atmosphere of friendship, in which we share memories, knowledge and, of course, the occasional picnic. Each horseback ride has its own special route and we put them together carefully to experience them safely. Depending on the time of the year, the schedules may change, but they never stop being incredible. The best ride is the ride you join. And for sure the next one you do, even if it's hard to improve, will be much better...

Pingos del Salado Cabalgatas
Pingos del Salado Cabalgatas
Pingos del Salado
Pingos del Salado

Riding school

The school is for anyone from 4 years old, with no age limit. We have group or personalized classes and no previous experience is necessary.

The classes for children are approached with games and always showing how to take care of the horse and how to take care of oneself, prioritizing the safety of all. We learn about the preparations prior to riding and how is the relationship with the animal. Of course, we do not lose sight of the fun and didactic approach, so that everyone has a great time in the class.

A partir de los 8 años, abordamos un acercamiento mas profundo al mundo equino. Además de montar, conocemos la historia, usos y tradiciones. Aprendemos de los cuidados que requieren y progresamos en la relación. A cada paso, además de mejorar nuestras habilidades, generamos un vínculo mas estrecho con el caballo, llegando, quien lo desee, a entrenar Equitación Criolla, para en una siguiente etapa poder competir.


See what we experienced on each ride

In addition to exploring our land, on each ride we have unique experiences and enjoy the company of dear friends.

Do you want to organize a picnic with family or friends?

Walks, horseback riding, a picnic lunch and swimming pool for the afternoon. Tell us what your idea is and we will make it happen.

Get in touch and tell us what you want to do, we are ready to plan and organize the field day you have in mind, our horses are waiting for you...

what is being said about us?

Some of the comments that we receive after having passed through our house, that fill our hearts and encourage us to go ahead trusting in what we do...

The place is spectacular, the horses very gentle, the ride guided by Quique, who accompanies you transmitting his passion with a pleasant and interesting talk about horses, always attentive to details, make a safe experience and a different and fun ride for the whole family.

Sergio Artaza

Pingos del Salado is the best place where I could have taken my son to follow his learning path with horses, Quique, his teacher, friend, not only taught him everything that has to do with horses, he is a person with the values and patience that every teacher should have.

Fernanda Azcárate

Excellent people, who take you to enjoy an experience with the beloved horses, both for those who have experience and for those who try it for the first time.
They make you feel part of the house and stay with you at all time! Super recomendables!!!

Mario Burgos


We leave Pingos del Salado in the morning and arrive at noon at the lagoon, where we have a picnic lunch at the water's edge. On the way back, in the afternoon, a snack awaits us in our space.

Picnic day at the creek

We start at mid-morning and arrive at Arroyo Las Garzas, where we stop to rest and have lunch in the shade of the trees. Then we return and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch.